Once again, I got duped!!! I heard Sonic, and I couldn’t get in the car fast enough! Well, let me tell you, NOOOO moooee!

“Why are you doing this to me???”

I ended up at Dogtoberfest, which was in this park with like a million people and their dogs. First thing, I finally got to meet Sailor; he’s this cool Great Pyrenees. He’s Great; I’m Great. Mom suggested I borrow some of his fur to hide my, well, my… big bones! It wasn’t two seconds later; some crazy lady told mom, “you know if you put her on a diet, she’ll live longer?!” That lady sure is lucky that I weigh what I do and could hold my momma back!! She OBVIOUSLY does not know my momma!! We very politely let her know that I am on a diet, that I only get 1 to 2 treats per day, & that all my blood tests show that I am perfect pup!! I think mom gets so defensive because she worries about me. I try to tell her that I just need a super big body to carry around all the love I have for her, Gabe and my foster brother, Dutch.

Not much for getting on the posing stage.

Outside of that, we walked around and met lots of people. Cheyenne said I was quite popular! Mom and Cheyenne helped me enter this treat catching contest.

I was doing fabulously until the practice round ended and it was time to start. Then, there were treats flying everywhere. Really, how was I supposed to focus on ONE tiny treat?

I tried to get a modeling gig for the fantastic company, Beer Paws.

Before we left, I got to watch Ally do some dock diving. She’s crazy getting in that cold water, but she sure was having fun. She’s one of our PD family pups. I sure like having all these brave friends.


I sure was getting tired! Thankfully, we were getting ready to head home. Or, so I thought..

I also had to go to Menards before stopping by Sonic. But, I did get some vanilla ice cream for me to share with Gabe and Dutch.