Wat-er ya thinkin’?

So, mom had this crazy idea!! I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about. I heard “Sonic,” so I happily hopped in the car. Then, all the sudden I’m at a “pool.” What the heck is a pool you ask? I had the same question. Apparently, it’s this large body of water & I don’t mean drinking water. All these other dogs are running around, jumping in, & acting a fool.

One golden feller even thought he should get a piggy back ride or something. I was like,”Wat-er ya thinkin’?” And mom was like, “Ahhh hell no!” I don’t know why she got a little crazy. I mean, I know she’s protective and all, but he couldn’t even reach the top of my back.

There were lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes, but Lilly was favorite. I really like her; I hope we get to hang out again. Mom likes her girl’s nights; I think I might like one too. Lilly helped me not to be so afraid of the water. Of course, mom was there with chapstick in hand. Man, I will do just about anything to get me some chapstick. After much deliberating, I finally ended up away from the steps and in the water. And as soon as that happened, it was like I was on America’s Top Model because everyone was cheering me on and taking my pictures.

I even got (more like took) to ride in the front seat on the way home. It was a really good day & as promised, we stopped at Sonic.

  Mom finallycame around. →               

Next adventure ~ Lake Sonic?? Is mom making this up or is there really an entire lake of Sonic biscuits, hot dogs, and vanilla ice cream?

Chillin’ at maw maw’s house. It’s a very relaxing place to take a nap!! Zzzzzz

Paparazzi Pics




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