Aunt Amy’s Light Shines

Today was a big day for me & my Furry Friends!!! And not “big” like the way the vet meant it after he had me get on a scale. Ugh <insert eyeroll> Didn’t he get the memo that, that number just tells the percentage of how awesome I am!!

I am certain that I heard mom say, “Sonic” so I happily got into the car and off we went… in the wrong direction. Where we went was even better! I got to see Maw Maw, Paw Paw, and Cheyene. I also got the meet the amazing people that volunteer their time to help friends like me. Without them, I wouldn’t have my momma and bubba. Most of them had never met me because I went straight to mom’s and she never let me go. Most of them have seen me on Facebook (mom is a bit of a picture freak) and were very excited to meet me in person. They were so happy to see that I have a super soft shiny coat and I am HEALTHY!! Hehe

We went to honor my aunt, Amy. Mom said that she had to go to Heaven 17 years ago because Rainbow Bridge needed special angels to help out, that someday (100 years from now), I will get to meet Amy. I wanted to tell her that I already have! Amy lets me know that everything is ok and that mom will NEVER EVER let anything happen to me; that she is always by mom’s side and she won’t let anything happen to either of us.

So, we honored Amy’s Light by doing a dog and cat food, food drive. We also did a Pampered Chef and red rock traditions (lowercase on purpose) party/fundraiser. My favorite was the Papa Murphy’s pizza cards. Mom doesn’t know, so tell her!! I may have snuck a card out of her wallet; there’s a free large pizza and cookie dough on that bad boy. Now I just have to figure out how to order, get it delivered, and eat it without mom knowing. I bet Gabe knows; my big brother knows everything! We donated 392.6 lbs of dog food, 89.2 lbs of cat food, and $869.53. I’m really happy that mom has worked with me so that I could be apart of this special day.

Well, I better get to bed. Mom said something about swimming tomorrow, but she quickly corrected herself and said Sonic. I hope she isn’t trying to trick me again. Hmmm…



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