Pawsatively a Love

Well, I have been an extremely busy girl since my last post. As you know, I officially became Luna B. Love on May 23, 2017! My brother took money out of his savings account (which now has my name on it also) to pay my adoption fee. Mom said it’s her best birthday present EVER!!!

My favorite place (besides home) is Sonic!! Did you know that they have doggy biscuits?? I’ve been a whole 3 times so far; looking forward to much more!! It took me about 20 minutes to work up the courage to get into the car, but now I beat Gabe getting in. My first trip included a visit to the vet; I made them come outside to draw my blood. Baby steps mom says!!

I walk on a leash… in the backyard. Mom was very patient with me as I ventured out into the unknown. Didn’t really make it past the patch of grass next to the fence, but mom said it was still progress. A couple of days later, I checked out the front porch; it’s kinda scary even though it’s not very big.

What else has happened? Hmmm…. I’ve eaten like 12 chapsticks, a few pairs of shoes, a pillow, & we’ll just leave it at that since mom reads my blog.

I had my first 4th of July. I don’t know what all the hype is about; it wasn’t scary at all!!

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