Oh Crap….

Got sidetracked (shocking, I know) and forgot to post this.

I’m feeling so much better after my surgery. On Friday, I went to see my wonderful vet where I got spayed and had my stomach tacked (officially called a gastropexy). Mom wanted me to get that done so that my stomach doesn’t have a chance to flip. She said that Mac, my brother in Heaven, had that happen to him and it was the most horrible thing that she has had to watch a loved one go through.

Going to the vet was a pretty traumatic experience for me and my mom. They had to transport me in a carrier. I’m a free spirited kind of girl who doesn’t like to be held back by a leash (that’s the story I’m telling). They had to pick me up and carry me to the scale. I weigh a whopping 92 lbs. While getting weighed, something was out to get me, and I thought it would be a good idea to bolt. I quickly realized that my mom loves me SOOO much that she was NOT going to let me go. And, how do I repay her love? By crapping on her, literally.

They gave me some serious medicine to calm me down, and I was not longer traumatized. Mom’s trauma didn’t happen until later in the day when they told her I had to stay overnight. She got to come see me, and the tears were ah flowing. I wanted to comfort her, but I was pretty doped up.

Now, the doctors say I have to remain calm for the next month, mainly week to two weeks. Have they met me??? I guess this means mom is going to have to have people over all the time because that is about the only time I sit still.

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