Did my name change?

I think mom changed my name again. I’m not completely sure what it is, so maybe you guys can help me!!

Here are the possible names she has selected:

  • Oh Luna
  • Freak
  • Ouch
  • Be calm
  • Easy
  • Really?
  • Stop picking on your brother
    • I think she means Gabe, but he’s big like me and can handle his own
  • It’s too early
  • It’s too late
  • It’s 3 am
  • Is there anything you won’t eat?
  • You crazy

Wait…. Mom, stop! I’m in the middle of my blog!!

Mom here:

Yes, my little Luna is all of those things. She is hyper and crazy and loves to chew on pretty much anything ¬†(luckily we haven’t gone for the furniture). Yesterday, she thought our gray¬†couch should be blue, so she got my favorite Sharpie pen and went to town. Thank goodness we have leather! She likes to potty between 3 and 4 am most nights and is ready to play by 5 am. She is learning to be calm and take treats without taking a digit with it; we are very close!!

And yes, she is my little freak. I wouldn’t take her any other way because that is one of the things that makes me love her SOOO very much!! She has brought a calming chaos to my life, and while everyone thinks I’m rescuing her, she is really the one that is rescuing me.

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