Hello World

Hi! My name is Luna B. I am currently a foster kid with Furry Kids’ Refuge. I am in a wonderful home with a lady who is totally going to adopt me!! I was in a puppy mill and then I was rescued by Angels Left Behind at an auction. My time with them was awesome, but I’m a bit of a handful and my previous foster mom had her hands full!! It was in my best interest to be transferred to a different rescue so that I could find my forever home!

My mom is really amazing! She is a teacher, so she has lots of patience with me. We haven’t had me formally diagnosed, but we are pretty sure that I have Reactive Attachment Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD, ED, and OCD. We still have a lot of Googling to do to see if there are more (trust me, there are).

I have the best big brother that a girl could ask for. His name is Gabe and he is 9 1/2. He is teaching me what it’s like to be a dog. I’ve learned that we go to bed at 8 pm and playtime does NOT start at 5:30 am! He showed me that we get treats when we come in from outside and there are special treats, bye bye biscuits, when the adults leave. He has taught me that hugs and kisses are a GREAT thing!! He is currently trying to teach me about this whole leash thing! I am so scared by the leash that I have been known to pee and/or poop when I reach the end of it. Oh ya, there’s another thing, I have claustrophobia too.


I have two older, yet smaller bunny sisters, Layla and Louie (the vet was confused about Louie’s sex).I try to steal their food and love watching and sniffing them. They go with mom to work during the week.

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